Some of our favorite candids!

Photo by Larry Snider

Candid by: Larry Snider

Daniel 1st Money Male and Best In Futurity, Macy 1st Money Female and Best Of Opposite Sex
2014 American Brittany Club Central Futurity.

Daniel and Will
(Photo Credit to KMurray)

Daphne at 14 months

Daniel proud after passing his FD

Daniel with his bird at FD Hunt Test

Macy at the Michigan Field Trial

Daphne with Scott Johnson 2013

Daphne, Cam and Pups at Nationals 2012

Penn at the 2013 Hawkeye Brittany Club trial

Macy field training at 11 months old

Daphne in Best in Show

Daphne on the move with Will

Daphne and Will

Will and Daphne

Daphne in Florida - Photo by Kate Murray

Daphne on the move

Daphne and Amy

Daphne and Amy in Detroit

Amy and Daphne in Florida

Daphne posing frog dog style

Daphne at 14 months

Daphne in Florida

Daphne and Amy

Winning the Brood Bitch class

Penn winning sweeps

Daniel with Amy, 6 months of age

Kate and Macy, 8 months of age




Daniel with Kate and Amy in Arkansas

Macy at 4 months of age

Field Test

Earl at 5 months of age

Penn and Macy at 11 weeks of age

Penn and Macy at 5 and a half months of age

Penn at 11 weeks of age